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A complementary therapy which uses muscle monitoring to locate and identify core issues of stress and disharmony which are blocking the body's natural healing processes.  Various non-invasive techniques are utilised which may include a combination of counselling, acupressure, chakra balancing, essential oils and flower essences. Kinesiology is aimed at promoting well being on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Clients often seek Kinesiology to assist with clearing old patterns, getting unstuck on issues, pain, anxiety, overwhelm, stress, confidence and relationship issues.


Initial Session          90 mins          $145              

Standard Session    75 mins          $120




Pronounced (RAY KEY), is a non-invasive energy healing technique, aimed at promoting balance within the mind, body and spirit. During a session hands are placed on or above the body in areas that correspond to various organs and energy centres. Clients are fully clothed during a session. Clients seeking Reiki generally do so to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety or pain.  At the end of the session clients are likely to find themselves more relaxed, peaceful with a greater sense of inner calm.


                               90 mins          $120

                               60 mins            $80




A relaxing whole body massage designed to unwind and reduce stress and tension held within the body. 


                             90 mins           $120

                             60 mins             $80


Combined Massage, Reiki & Kinesiology

Massage incorporating accupressure point and meridian aspects of Kinesiology in addition to Reiki for a more integrated mind, body, spirit relaxation exeperience.


                             90 mins         $130


Payments Accepted


Cash, card or bank transfer. 


Cancellation Policy


A cancellation fee of 50% of the session price will apply if appointments are cancelled within 24 hours prior to commencement of your session.