What happens during a session?


Each session is tailored to the individual needs of the client, empowering them to begin their own natural healing process.

During the first session we go through an in-depth medical and lifestyle history to discuss and clarify relevant aspects of the key issue the client wishes to work on. We use muscle monitoring to provide information on stresses and blocks showing in the body to discuss with the client in relation to that issue.


Various natural therapy techniques are then used which may include but are not limited to, client centered counselling, acupressure, essential oils, flower essences, sound & colour therapy, neuro-vascular & neuro-lymphatic reflexes.

At the end of the session we review and discuss how to move forward. Positive affirmations, relaxation techniques or flower essences may also be given to help with home reinforcement to support your healing process.


What outcomes can I expect from Kinesiology?


A feeling of greater empowerment, the ability to connect stress to sensations and issues in the body and an awareness of potential underlying motivators. Many clients feel a greater sense of calm although it is important to note less comfortable feelings can be stirred up temporarily as the issues are brought to the surface for the client to work through.


What if I have a physical issue?


Kinesiology can be useful for physical issues where there is an underlying emotional or psychological component impacting the healing and effect of other traditional treatments.


What doesn't a Kinesiologist do?


Kinesiology is a complementary holistic therapy it does not treat, diagnose or prescribe for acute medical illness. If you present with an acute issue you will be referred out to the relevant practitioner for appropriate treatment.


How long does a session take?


In clinic Initial Sessions are 90 minutes, Standard Sessions are 75 mins. Short Sessions are 50 mins.



How many appointments would I need?


The number of sessions required depends on the severity and complexity of the issue being addressed. Significant improvement can be achieved in 4-5 sessions for some issues, others may require more. Appointments are generally spaced around 4 -6 weeks apart to allow time for integration.